Xbox Series X Price, Release Date And Preorder Date Revealed

September 9, 2020

Pokemon Go Fanatics

It feels like everything is suddenly coming to a head. After months of next to nothing but a couple of small and somewhat underwhelming games showcases we’ve had the Xbox Series S’ existence And price leaked and the Xbox Series X price and release date leaked. Now, after confirming the existence and price of the Xbox Series S, Xbox have also confirmed the price, release date and preorder date for the Xbox Series X. For the USA at least.

As yesterday’s leaks pointed to, the Xbox Series X will cost $749 AUD, which is a little higher in price price the Xbox One and Xbox One X launched at. Given current exchange rates however, that’s a pretty good cost compared to the US price of $499 USD.  This will also complement the Xbox Series S, which has been confirmed at a price point of $499 AUD. We also now know that the console will officially launch on November 10th, extremely close to the 19 anniversary of the original Xbox releasing. Preorders are also slated to start as of September 22nd in the USA. There’s also confirmation that the Xbox Series S and X will be available for $25 USD and $35 USD a month as part of Xbox All Access subscriptions, which would translate to around $35 and $50 a month here. Now, we just need to know what games we can expect at launch.

Right now, while we don’t have Australian details confirmed, we should hopefully have them in the near future and will get them out there as soon as we can, so keep your eyes peeled to our feeds.