Xbox Series X Will Launch In November

August 12, 2020

Pokemon Go Fanatics

With only a few months to go until the original Holiday 2020 period when both next generation consoles are scheduled to launch, we still don’t know many of the launch details at all. We’ve seen games with no release dates, we’ve got system specs and we’ve even seen the existence of an unannounced potentially leak. Yet, we still don’t know when any of these consoles will launch. That’s changed now however, with Xbox confirming the Xbox Series X will launch in November.

While we still don’t know many specific details, like the exact date or price, knowing the Xbox Series X launch month still gives us something to plan towards. Along with the launch window confirmation, Xbox also confirmed some non-specific details on the number of games we can expect to come to the system this year. There will be more than 50 new games planned for this year that are cross generational titles and optimised for Xbox Series X, like Yakuza Like A Dragon and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. There will also be more than 40 existing games updated to take advantage of the Xbox Series X power, like Sea of Thieves, while an undetermined number of games developed for Series X  and launching on Game Pass are coming as well, such as The Medium.

There is still so much detail we’re waiting on, but at least now we know that our speculation on the Xbox Series X having a November launch was correct. From here, we still need a specific date, a launch line up and a price but at least the ball has finally started rolling.