Posted September 8, 2020 by Andrew Cathie in Feature

Rumour: Xbox Series S Leaked

Xbox Series S
Xbox Series S

After years of rumours and growing speculation as to the existence of a lower powered next generation Xbox Series console, we finally have what looks to be our look at the console itself. Content Creator and Writer Brad Sams, who is known for his sources and leaks of Microsoft related information posted a new YouTube video revealing the Xbox Series S and its price in US Dollars. While this is technically still a rumour, Brad Sams has an incredible track record when it comes to leaks of this nature.

The leak shows off an incredibly sleek looking white console, with a massive black vent on its top/side. This isn’t the cube people had initially thought the Series S might turn out to be, but instead looks more like a slimline Xbox One S. One thing that we immediately noticed is the lack of a disc drive, which fits with rumours that the console would be a digital only offering. The other big part of the leak is the Xbox Series S price, with the console weighing in at $299 USD. This is the same pricepoint of the Nintendo Switch in the US, so we expect this to come in at around $450-$500 AUD.

Xbox themselves still haven’t officially revealed the Xbox Series S, but we expect that an official announcement must be coming soon, given the leaked image looks akin to an official release image.

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