Posted August 10, 2020 by Andrew Cathie in Feature

Rumour: Xbox Series S Leaked Via Controller Packaging

With the Xbox Series X officially revealed last year, plus system specs and a bunch of games revealed over a couple of showcases now, we’ve got a good idea of what to expect from Microsoft’s premium console, but what we don’t know is anything about the long rumoured Lockhart console. Rumoured to be a cheaper and lower-power device targeting 1080p instead of 4k resolutions, the rumours have been frequent, but we still haven’t seen or heard anything official regarding it. That might have just changed, with a reference to Xbox Series S popping up.

The reference comes from some leaked controller packaging that has been picked up by The Verge who are in turn referencing a private Instagram account. On the back of the packaging with the specifications the different devices it supports are listed out. We have the already announced Xbox One, Xbox Series X and even Android/iOS support, along with reference to the unknown console. While we obviously still don’t know for sure that this is the lower power console that’s been long rumoured, it seems pretty clear at this point that it’s happening. As the saying goes, “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire,” and there’s simply been too much smoke at this point.

Stay tuned to Rocket Chainsaw as we await further details on the Xbox Series S, with rumours pointing to an official reveal some time this month.


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