Posted September 8, 2020 by Andrew Cathie in Feature

Xbox Series S And Price Officially Revealed

It was only a matter of hours ago that we were reporting on a couple of massive leaks coming out of the Xbox space. First the Xbox Series S and its price were leaked, pointing to a tiny digital-only console that weighs in at a pretty low cost. Then, there was the leak of the Xbox Series X and the date that both consoles would release on. Now, we’ve had part of those leaks confirmed, with Xbox officially revealing the Xbox Series S and its price.

As per the official confirmation, the Xbox Series S is the smallest ever Xbox console, which is no small feat given how small the Xbox One X was (especially with how powerful it was for its time). It’s a slim box, closer in shape to the Xbox One S and Xbox One X, than the monolithic design of the Xbox Series X. It sports a big old great on its side/top (depending on if you have it vertical or horizontal), pointing to an emphasis on keeping airflow at a maximum. We also got confirmation that the Xbox Series S will come in at a price of $299 USD, the same cost that the Nintendo Switch currently retails at, so expect an Australian cost somewhere between $450 and $500 based on current exchange rates.

What we don’t have just yet is the consoles confirmed system specs or its release date, but given Xbox promises we’ll hear more soon, we don’t think that info is very far away. Still, having the Xbox Series S and its cost confirmed is more information than we’ve had in months!

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