Deathloop Hands-Off Preview

For the better part of a decade, Arkane Lyon has largely been known as the Dishonored Studio. While they also assisted with development on the forgettable Wolfenstein: Youngblood, their bread and butter has been in the stealth-...

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Preview – Mass Effect Modernised

I’ve long been a fan of the original Mass Effect Trilogy. It landed at a pivotal point in my gaming life, just as I began to explore more genres and experiences in the medium. I’d never played anything like the original Mass Ef...

Next-Gen NBA 2K21 Impressions

Back at the start of October we got our first real glimpse at what next-gen NBA 2K21 would look like. With player models, courts and balls getting a make-over, the ray tracing reflections truly brought the game to life. What ab...