Rocket Chainsaw’s Xbox Series X Impressions Roundup

November 10, 2020

It’s finally here. The dawn of a new console generation. It’s been just under seven years since Microsoft launched the Xbox One and now it’s finally time to put that behind us and move forwards. Both the Xbox Series X|S consoles release today, with most stock wrapped in preorders and potentially the odd console out there online as well. We’ve been lucky enough to have our hands on an Xbox Series X console for a couple of weeks now, trying out a bunch of different games on the consoles and writing all about our impressions of them.

To help with finding them on launch day, we’ve put together a list of the different Xbox Series X reviews and impressions we’ve posted over the last week or so. Check out all of our current coverage below, which will be updated in the coming week as more games become available and more Xbox Series X reviews and impressions are posted:



Xbox Series X Console

The Touryst



DiRT 5

Forza Horizon 4

Gears 5

Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Xbox Series X Backwards Compatibility

Yakuza: Like A Dragon


Both the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S release today, with all of the games covered so far also being available from today. For more information, check out the official website.