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EB Games Already Has A Great Xbox Series X Trade In Deal

Buying a next generation console is often no small feat. We’re talking about splashing out hundreds of dollars on spec, with very little concrete information on the future. Who knows what games will release or if the price will suddenly drop in 12 months time? While we have previously advocated for skipping the launch of a new console generation, we also understand that everyone will totally ignore us. So, when we saw the trade in deals EB Games has posted on Facebook for the Xbox Series S and X, we knew we had to share them out some more.

After release details for the Xbox Series S and X got announced over (check out our article that includes all of the details), eyes have now turned to retailers and their plans to support preorders. EB Games have been the first to the table, confirming that preorders will be run online only and require a $200 deposit. On top of this, they also confirmed some fantastic trade in deals. You can get $350 for your Xbox One X, bringing the cost of an Xbox Series X down to $399. Got an old Xbox One S laying around? Trade it in for $200 off an Xbox Series S, bringing the cost down to $299.

The Xbox Series X deal is the real kicker here though, with the fact that the console is completely backwards compatible with the Xbox One meaning that all the physical games you own should run on day one without issue. Which means, in reality, that you’re not necessarily going to need that One X anymore if you’re moving on up to a Series X. For some (such as ourselves) this deal also means that we could potentially grab both a PS5 (assuming it gets a similar deal with a PS4 Pro) and Series X for roughly around the cost of a single one of those consoles.

To take advantage of the EB Games Xbox Series X trade in deal you’ll need to preorder your console online for click and collect at a physical store, which will allow you to trade your console in at a future date. Beyond that, we don’t have any further details on the deal, but we’ll update this article once any further details are forthcoming.

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