Posted February 6, 2018 by Adam Ghiggino in Feature

Total War: ARENA is hosting an open access event until Wednesday

Total War: ARENA, the free-to-play online version of the venerable strategy franchise, formerly developed in Australia, is now hosting an open access event to get new players on board for the game.

New players can redeem the code TWAASIAOW to unlock 500 gold and 7 days of Premium Account time – but if you do have a hankering for some massive army scuffling, get in quick. The event will only last until 8pm AEDT Wednesday 7 February.

Also thanks to this event, an ‘Immortals’ program has opened, with details in the infographic below. The program allows players to earn and keep rewards – when Total War: ARENA opens Open Beta, all Closed Beta progress will be wiped, except for Immortals rewards.

“We thought this open access event was a great opportunity to welcome more players into the game for the final stages of Closed Beta”, said Gabor Beressy, Total War: ARENA Game Director at Creative Assembly. “We greatly value player feedback, and the Immortals program is our way to reward Closed Beta players for their support.”

For more information on Total War: ARENA, visit: Total War: ARENA (Asia)

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