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The Elder Scrolls Online 10 Million Stories Celebration Event

Bethesda has roday revealed that a milestone has been reached for their evidently popular massively multiplayer online role playing game. The Elder Scrolls Online 10 Million Stories is what a celebration event has been named, to celebrate 10 million unique players in the online world of Tamriel.

To celebrate, Bethesda Softworks is making The Elder Scrolls Online free to try from now until December 7 (Australia time), as well as rewarding new players with loot and a discount if they choose to purchase once the event has concluded.

Check out The Elder Scrolls Online 10 Million Stories trailer below:


Here’s what to expect in The Elder Scrolls Online 10 Million Stories event:

  • A Massive Open World of Adventure: Access to the full The Elder Scrolls Online base game (not including ESO: Morrowind). Go wherever you want with whoever you want for hundreds of hours in the massive open world
  • 500 Free Crowns: All new accounts receive 500 Crowns to spend in the Crown Store on unique pets, helpful XP scrolls, potions and more
  • Progress Retention: Progress made from previous Free Play events are retained for those who choose to return. Any characters created, Crown Packs purchased, or Crown Store items bought, as well as any progress made during Free Play Week, will carry over for those who decide to purchase the full game.

On top of this, there will also be a special dungeon event available for all The Elder Scrolls Online players. Participating in any normal or veteran dungeon will reward you with a Mysterious Reward Box that could contain pets, mounts, costumes and more.

In other Bethesda news, The Elder Scrolls Skyrim recently launched for Nintendo Switch. Rocket Chainsaw reviewed the game, giving it 4 stars and saying, “Thanks to that freedom of playstyles, Skyrim for Nintendo Switch is the best version of the game since the original release and is definitely worth your time.

The free The Elder Scrolls Online 10 Million Stories event is available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC platforms. There is currently no news as to whether we can expect to see the game on Nintendo Switch.


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