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Own a Home in Free Elder Scrolls Online Homestead Update

Fresh off the announcement of the Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind expansion (Launching June 6th, 2017), Bethesda has today launched the free Elder Scrolls Online Homestead update for Windows PC and Mac. Homes can be purchased using in-game gold, as well as through the Crown Store, the B2P store which opened when Bethesda removed the monthly subscription for Elder Scrolls Online.

Players can enjoy their first home for free, however there are 40 homes in total with different styles for different character races, as well as a cavern and even a private island. The homes work on an instance basis, meaning you’ll be teleported inside your home and you cannot be attacked while inside.

Bethesda has also revealed the homes can be fitted with over 2000 unique items, meaning every home in Elder Scrolls Online will look unique. Some examples of homestead decorating can be seen in this video which Bethesda released last month when the free Elder Scrolls Online Homestead update was officially announced:


The free Elder Scrolls Online Homestead update is available now on Windows PC and Mac, while Xbox One and PlayStation 4 owners must wait until February 21, 2017. To read more about how to acquire your homes, click here to see the official blog post regarding the free Elder Scrolls Online Homestead update.

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