Magic: The Gathering Arena enters Open Beta this Month

September 20, 2018

The latest free-to-play rendition of Magic: The Gathering will be opening the doors to its beta to all at the end of this month, at 6AM AEST on 28 September.

Magic: The Gathering Arena is a digital version of the long-running card game, currently only available on Windows. The game is designed to bring the lore and artwork of MTG to life with beautiful animated graphics, that is meant to appeal to both newcomers and longtime fans.

Interestingly, Magic: The Gathering Arena will also integrate with the physical card game itself, via redeemable codes. Every Guilds of Ravnica Planeswalker deck will contain a unique code to unlock the same deck in Arena. Similarly, every Prerelease pack will have a unique code to unlock entry into one sealed event in Arena and ‘players can open Boosters and try and unlock 3 FREE boosters’ in Arena.
The Open Beta is boasting free entry into the Singleton Event for all players until 2 October, so if you’re interested in trying out the latest digital Magic: The Gathering rendition, then you might want to check out Arena when it opens on 28 September. Check out the website for more details.