Magic: The Gathering: Crimson Vow Launches Today

November 12, 2021

Crimson Vow

With another quarter of the year behind us, like clockwork another Magic: The Gathering expansion appears before us. Having recently played with Schools of Magic and Dungeons & Dragons, it’s interesting seeing what themes Wizards of the Coast plays with in each new set. This time, we have Magic: The Gathering: Crimson Vow, themed around a Vampire marriage.

That’s right, Crimson Vow takes place after the Midnight Hunt has been averted, as Sorin, a Planeswalker many of you may already know, attempts to thwart the plans of Olivia Coldaren to wed herself to the Markov bloodline and take control. While the casual observer may not have been aware of the amount of lore contained within Magic the Gathering, it promises to be on show in Crimson Vow.

Along with the new theme and storyline, which contains plenty of Vampires, Werewolves and other creatures, Crimson Vow introduces some brand new mechanics to the long-running card game. Blood Tokens are a new Vampire mechanic, and can be sacrificed to draw cards or used as triggers for certain cards. Humans have a new mechanic as well, Training, which provides a +1/+1 counter whenever a creature attacks alongside another creature with greater power. Spells also get some new mechanics with Cleave, which can alter a spell’s function by removing certain words from the active text of the card.

Alongside the new mechanics, the set also features some well-known characters and subjects of lore, such as resurrecting Dracula.

Magic: The Gathering: Crimson Vow is available today for MTG Arena and will be available physically from November 19th. For more information on the set, check out the official website.