The Forgotten Realms Are Coming to Magic: The Gathering

July 12, 2021

After being out for decades, it’s always interesting to see how Wizards of the Coast expands Magic: The Gathering. Last year, they announced that they would begin expanding the Magic multiverse, expanding the card game into other known IPs. Now, one of those sets has just released, with Magic: The Gathering expanding to the Forgotten Realms in a brand new Dungeons & Dragons cross over.

Titled Adventures in the Forgotten Realms, the new set takes place in the region of Faerûn, and takes heavy inspiration both visually and mechanically from Dungeons & Dragons. There are familiar faces (such as Ellywick the gnome bard, Beholder Xanathar and the Elder Dragon Tiamat), monsters, spells and more that bring the Forgotten Realms to life in the set.

One of these new mechanics includes the use of a D20 die. Some cards will require the player to roll a D20 to determine the result of an ability or spell, bringing a new element of unpredictability that Dungeons & Dragons players are already familiar with. There are also new Dungeon cards, which task a player with moving through a small dungeon on a card to receive rewards. Veteran players will also notice some highly familiar artwork, such as on the Baleful Beholder and Cave of the Frost Dragon cards.

Adventures in the Forgotten Realms is available now in Magic The Gathering Arena and will be available in stores on July 23. For more information, check the official website.