Magic the Gathering: Arena Available on Mobile Now

March 29, 2021

If you have even a passing interest in trading card games, you’ve likely heard of Magic the Gathering. One of the biggest card games in the world, Magic combines fantastical settings and strategic mechanics to create a card game that is both mechanically and narratively interesting. With novels and other additional media bulking out franchise, there’s plenty of story and ways to play. Now, after a 2019 release on PC, the series current digital way to play Magic the Gathering: Arena is coming to mobile.

Magic the Gathering: Arena combines all current card sets up to the latest set, Kaldheim, giving you plenty of cards to collect and compete with on mobile. You’ll be able to complete quests, battle against other players online and bring your whole collection with you, with the game’s use of the Wizards account system allowing for your cards to come with you.

Wizards of the Coast Executive Producer Chris Cao had the following to say about the release:

The phenomenal growth and popularity of Magic: The Gathering Arena has been driven by our dedicated community of players and fans – and we couldn’t be more grateful for their passion and support as we continue to evolve the brand to new platforms and experiences. Today’s launch of MTG Arena on mobile and tablet devices marks a very important step to bringing the game of Magic to everyone, anywhere, any way they want to play.

Magic the Gathering: Arena is available now on mobiles with both iOS and Android operating systems. For more information, check the official website.