Daily Gaming News – 27/7/13

July 27, 2013

  • NEWS: In an attempt to strengthen their ties with indie developers, Sony are planning to hold quarterly events where indie developers from around the world will be invited to come in to their London offices. Indie developers will be able to see the latest updates on Sony’s three platforms, as well as discuss topics such as how big of an install base they have, and how popular the PSN is.
  • NEWS: Reports are coming in that the PlayStation 4 reserves a whopping 3.5GB of RAM for its OS. That’s almost half of the console’s total RAM, and a huge increase over the PlayStation 3, which only had 512MB of RAM in total. It’s a lot of RAM to reserve for an OS, even by PC standards. In comparison, the Xbox One is said to reserve 3GB for its OS.
  • NEWS: Microsoft have made some big moves towards being more indie developer friendly. The latest news is that every Xbox One console will be open for indie developers to use. Although the functionality won’t be available at launch, the idea is that every console will be able to function as a devkit. That means self-developed, self-published games, which will then be made available on Xbox Live.
  • VIDEO: Sony have shared a new trailer for Puppeteer, which is coming to PlayStation 3 in September.

[youtube id=”swF2pJop0WM” width=”600″ height=”350″]

  • VIDEO: PixelJunk monsters has received a visual makeover, and is on its way to PlayStation Vita. Check out the new trailer:

[youtube id=”DZWW6D7Ri6k” width=”600″ height=”350″]