Daily Gaming News – 6/7/13

July 6, 2013

  • NEWS: Microsoft Points are well and truly on their way out. Major Nelson recently confirmed that the next Xbox Live Update for Xbox 360 Public Beta will introduce the ability for gamers to pay for items using their local curency. The move is in line with Microsoft’s announcement during E3 that they were planning to scrap the virtual currency.
  • NEWS: It sounds as though Ubisoft are liking the Xbox One, specifically the potential for offloading certain processes to the Cloud. Talking about Watch_Dogs for the next gen consoles, the game’s producer had a fair bit to say about the possibilities.
  • NEWS: During Sony’s PlayStation Summer showcase in London, Fergal Gara (VP and managing director at Sony Computer Entertainment UK), had a lot to say about the PS4. He refuted claims that Sony removed the PlayStation Eye camera from the PlayStation 4’s box in order to undercut the Xbox One’s price, and talked about the positive feedback Sony have received from developers, in addition to mentioning that more details about the PS4 will be revealed during Gamescom. Details such as a solid release date for the console.
  • VIDEO: Do you enjoy video blogging? Are you really good at it? Well, Sony are looking for five video bloggers to help cover PlayStation 4 events over the next five months. You’ll get all kinds of perks if your application is successful, but check out the video below for more details.

[youtube id=”dePPsPtoVes” width=”600″ height=”350″]

  • NEWS: Steve Sinclair, the Creative Director at Warframe developer Digital Extremes, has praised both the PlayStation 4 and it’s new DualShock 4 controller. Calling the DualShock the best controller he’s ever held, he also went into detail about the studio’s relationship with Sony, and their experiences with developing for the PlayStation 4.
  • NEWS: Seamus Blackley, a member of the original Xbox team, has revealed many of the rejected names for Microsoft’s first console. These include MAX (Microsoft Action Experience), TAC (Total Action Center – the discs could be called TACs), and VPS (Virtual Play System).
  • NEWS: EA have become very interested in mobile/tablet gaming recently, and EA Labels’ president has big plans for ‘the next wave of tablets and phones’. He expects these devices to be capable of ‘nearly Xbox 360 or PS3 capabilities in terms of graphics’. He mentioned that EA is currently in the process of modifying their current game engines to run on these devices.