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Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom Review

The Invizimals series makes its debut on the PlayStation 3. Rather than simply capturing the creatures, it seems you'll be directly controlling them this time...

Saturday Gaming News – 7/12/13

4Chan users try to brick Xbox Ones, Time magazine's top 10 games of 2013, Blitzball in HD, and more in today's gaming news!

Knack Review

Knack is one of the PlayStation 4’s exclusive titles at launch, created by Sony’s Japan Studio and game director Mark Cerny, the lead architect of both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. Japan Studio have worke...


Saturday Gaming News – 30/11/13

The PlayStation 4's European launch makes waves, Bravely Default surprises its developers, free Killzone multiplayer, and more!

PlayStation 4 Impressions

With the PlayStation 4 almost upon us, Tim Norman and Adam Shurey share their thoughts about Sony's new machine.

Saturday Gaming News – 23/11/13

The next-gen begins, a couple of comparisons of the new consoles, a Persona announcement tomorrow, and some trailers.


Saturday Gaming News – 16/11/13

Naughty Dog have revealed the first story DLC for The Last of Us. It’s called Left Behind, and it serves as a prequel to the game. We’ll get to play as Ellie during the story, which focuses on her journey with her f...

Saturday Gaming News – 9/11/13

An early Xbox One appears in the wild, WoW won't go free to play, Need for Speed, and a new Star Wars game. Saturday Gaming News!

NBA 2K14 – Hands-On PS4 Preview

With the release of the two new next generation consoles less than a month away, it’s no surprise that developers are promoting their next-gen wares. Earlier this week, Alan Moore from 2K Games was kind enough to invite m...


Girl Fight

Girl Fight is a new arcade style fighting game for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, developed by Kung Fu Factory and published by Micropose. It’s a a downloadable budget title, with a price tag of just $11.75. Girl Fight is ap...