It’s Time For Another Nintendo Indie World Direct

December 15, 2020

One of my favourite parts of the last couple of generations has been the proliferation of and focus on indie developers. In a world where AAA developments becomes more and more homogenous, it’s smaller independent developers that often take risks to create weird and wonderful new experiences. As part of this shift, Nintendo has created a massive focus on indie games, giving them their own showcases under the Nintendo Indie World banner. Now, as we wrap up 2020 and begin to look towards 2021, Nintendo have confirmed on Twitter that their next Nintendo Indie World direct is right around the corner.

Taking place at 4AM AEDT tomorrow, the latest Nintendo Indie World will run for roughly 15 minutes and include updates on already announced games as well as brand new announcements. There’s no information given beyond that, but one game people are hoping might show up is Hollow Knight: Silk Song, the sequel to the Adelaide developer and Kickstarter funded Hollow Knight. I’m personally hoping for more information on Chucklefish’s magic school game Witchbrook, as well as Golf Story sequel Sports Story.

Want to watch tonight’s show? You can head over to Nintendo’s official YouTube channel tomorrow morning and tune in at 4AM AEDT.