Soul Sacrifice announced for PlayStation Vita

May 12, 2012

Some readers may remember that earlier this year, ex-Capcom executive Keiji Inafune let slip that he was working on a game for Sony’s PlayStation Vita. An article on Japanese gaming site Famitsu confirms that the title he is working on is Soul Sacrifice.

From the concept art and screenshots seen on Famitsu, it looks like Soul Sacrifice will be an action adventure title. There is also a heavy emphasis on magic, involving sacrificing objects, but the real meat (and bone!) of this system is the ability to sacrifice your own body parts to cast powerful spells. For example, the player can rip his own spine and use it as a powerful weapon, or give up an eye to summon a Gorgon.

The grotesque doesn’t stop there, with the enemy designs being downright nightmarish. My personal favourite? The bizarre chicken thing with pretty decorated blonde hair, disproportionate limbs and neck and forked tongue you can see in the image. Soul Sacrifice is just begging to be scrutinised by the nanny media.

What do you think, Vita owners?