Monday Gaming News – 09/09/13

September 9, 2013

  • A big ‘ol PlayStation event just happened in Japan. So prepare your, um…
  • Get ready for PlayStation Vita 2. Not quite. Sony has announced a revision of their second generation portable model, aimed at appealing to a wider market. Thinner and lighter than the regular Vita, this revision will feature a five inch non-OLED screen, 1GB of inbuilt memory, and an extra one hour worth of battery life, along with micro USB for data transfer. It will launch in a variety of flashy colours, at least for Japan.

vita 2

  • Backing the Vita revision were a bunch of new game announcements, including Soul Sacrifice 2 and Soul Sacrifice Deta, the former a proper sequel, the latter a “new game” that’s also not a sequel, or something. From tri-Ace is Phantasy Star Nova, a single player RPG with co-op bosses. And then there’s Dangan Ronpa: Another Episode. I don’t know what that is.

  • And in final Vita news, Sony has revealed PlayStation Vita TV. This handy little device (set to sell for ~US$100 with no accessories, ~US$150 for the device, 8GB memory card, and Dual Shock 3) will act as a PlayStation Vita for your television, letting you purchase and play most PlayStation Vita titles on a big screen with a traditional gamepad. No all games will work, however, such as those where touch controls are integral to gameplay.

  • However, this conference was primarily for PlayStation 4 goodies. And goodies we got. First on the list: Lily Bergamo from Grasshopper Studios, a PlayStation 4 title that will supposedly also release on PlayStation 3. More will be shown at TGS 2013, but for now here’s a trailer.

  • Next, Yakuza Ishin.

  • Deep Down has made its long awaited appearance, revealed to be an online only PlayStation 4 exclusive. Set in 2094, players will explore “memories” of old time, taking them through randomly generated dungeons littered with monsters and loot. Here’s some footage of the game in motion.

  • And finally, if it weren’t expected already, Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign- is coming to PlayStation 4. And PlayStation 3.