Daily Gaming News 3/12/2012

December 3, 2012

Monday is for chumps.


  • NEWS: Kotaro Uchikoshi, best known as the director of both Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors, and the recently released Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward, has teased over Twitter that a third game in the series is likely to see the light of day. Fans should be pleased.
  • NEWS: Crytek have updated their PC page for Crysis 3 to include the minimum, recommended, and high performance specifications for PC gamers out there. Those hoping to max out this graphics beast best have their GTX 680s ready.
  • NEWS: Speaking of GTX 680s, Game Watch Impress has shed a little insight into Square-Enix’s impressive Agni’s Philosophy tech demo. The technology show piece managed to run in real time on a single GTX 670, using 1.8GB of VRAM. The rest of the demo system included 32GB of RAM, and an i7-3770K CPU clocked at 3.5GHz. Under this hardware Agni’s Philosophy managed to maintain 60fps.
  • NEWS: Veteran homebrewer known as marcan has revealed over Twitter what he believes to be the clock speeds of the Wii U’s CPU and GPU. If marcan is correct, the tri-core CPU operates at 1.24Ghz, meanwhile the GPU clocks in at 549MHz.
  • NEWS: To celebrate the release of Soul Sacrifice in Japan early next year, Sony will producing a special Soul Sacrifice themed PlayStation Vita. All Games Beta have some nice shots of the system’s new look.
  • NEWS: If you’re a Wii U owner odds are you’re looking forward to Rayman Legends. Pure Nintendo has heard from Ubisoft that the title will launch on Wii U on 26 February 2013. Good stuff!
  • NEWS: Pacifist? Check out this non-lethal takedown video for Splinter Cell: Blacklist.

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