Saturday Gaming News – 24/08/13

August 24, 2013

  • Sorry, Japanese gamers! Sony’s Amercian branch have stated that the battle for next-generation dominance will be fought in the west. Although Sony have announced release dates for other territories, Japan has been overlooked so far. Sony are launching their new console in the larger markets first, which they admit is a new direction for them.
  • With the game’s release drawing closer, it seems that Nintendo are planning a Wind Waker HD themed Wii U console. We’ve received our first look at the hardware thanks to a leaked video.
  • zeldaIt’s not every day that you get to sit down with Shuhei Yoshida, the CEO of Sony’s Worldwide Studios, but Engadget have done just that. Their recent interview with the man in charge offered a glimpse into Yoshida’s personal interests in the indie gaming scene, as well as his excitement about Sony’s new console.

  • Microsoft have revealed the 23 games that will be available for the Xbox One when it launches later this year. We’ll be able to look forward to games like Crimson Dragon and Killer Instinct.
  • The PlayStation 4 is looking to have a more successful launch than the PlayStation 3 did, and it hasn’t even been released yet. Pre-order numbers for the new console have hit the 1 million mark. By comparison, Sony sold less than a million PlayStation 3 consoles in the first quarter of its release.
  • Square-Enix released a new trailer for Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD at Gamescom. It shows off the visual upgrades that they’ve made to Final Fantasy X‘s battles, and also offers a sample of the new remixed soundtrack, which is sounding good so far.