Rocket Chainsaw’s Game of E3 2017 Awards

June 30, 2017

E3 is always a massive time of the year, with new game announcements, huge information blowouts on games previously announced and sometimes even console announcements all vying for your attention. This year there was heaps of promise leading into E3, with the first Nintendo Showcase focusing on the Nintendo Switch since it was released in March and the big reveal of what was then known as Project Scorpio from Microsoft. While there weren’t quite as many brand-new announcements as we expected at E3 2017, the show was still punctured with some incredible reveals and fantastic trailers. This included the fantastic reveal of Dragon Ball FigherZ, the new fighter from Arc System Works that looks amazing, and a great second showing of Spider-Man, both of which sadly missed out on places in Rocket Chainsaw’s Best of E3 awards.

To decide on an official Rocket Chainsaw Best of E3 2017 winner, each staff member was tasked with picking their 6 best games of E3 2017. In previous years we have seen the Rocket Chainsaw staff split on what games were the best, but this year we saw 7 of a total 12 top-two votes go between just two games. This is a dominance we haven’t seen before here at Rocket Chainsaw, but speaks to the quality of the showings of these two games.

Without further ado, read below for the official Rocket Chainsaw Best of E3 2017 Awards.


Best New IP, Best Returning Game


This is the second year that Dontnod Entertainment’s new vampire IP was shown at E3, and we were just as excited by the game’s showing at E3 2017 as we were at the same time in 2016. The game’s focus on choice and consequence, with decisions have large impacts on the game, is refreshing when compared to recent releases. Thanks to the main character’s previous profession as a doctor, morality plays a large part in both the story and mechanics of the game. The invigorating combat system, coupled with the balancing act of the positives and negatives of feeding on the population, continue to pique our interest in the game. We think Vampyr could be the best vampire game ever made and was both the best new IP shown at E3 2017, as well as the best returning game from E3 2016. Keep an eye out when the game releases for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in November. We know we will be.


Rocket Chainsaw’s Game of E3 2017 – Second Runner Up

Assassin’s Creed Origins

Rumours surrounded the latest Assassin’s Creed game prior to E3, with everything pointing towards the game being a reinvention of a franchise that had started to become stale after 10 games in 7 years. While Assassin’s Creed Origins wasn’t quite as big a change to the formula as we expected, its setting in Egypt and the new additions to the game have us incredibly excited. Every game has started adopting some light-RPG mechanics, and that’s because we love them, so we’re glad to see levels and loot coming to Origins in a big way. We also love the idea of sliding down pyramids to execute someone at the bottom, as well as the return of hand-to-hand and hidden blade combat. We’re eagerly awaiting its release on October 27 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


Rocket Chainsaw’s Game of E3 2017 – Runner Up, Best Surprise

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

We have seen rumours of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle appearing everywhere since before the Nintendo Switch even had a release date, and we’d be lying if we said we had dismissed the game before even seeing it. So, imagine our surprise when the game’s reveal at Ubisoft’s E3 2017 press conference didn’t just surprise us, but completely blew us away. The cross-over of Rabbids and Mario looks to be introducing some incredible humour to the game and the clean and crisp visuals look amazing. The strategy gameplay looks incredibly fun to play and looks deeper than we ever could have expected from the game. Mario + Rabbids may not have won the Best of E3 award, but it was easily the biggest surprise of E3 and we cannot wait to play it when it releases exclusively for Nintendo Switch on August 29.


Rocket Chainsaw’s Game of E3 2017

Super Mario Odyssey

And then there was one. Ubisoft’s dominance of the top 3 could only be ended by the juggernaut that is Nintendo and what was an amazing trailer and showcase for Super Mario Odyssey. Coming into E3 2017 we didn’t think there was anything left Nintendo could do to surprise us with a Mario game. How wrong we were. The possession mechanics open the door for more puzzles in the game and were just utterly bizarre and entrancing to see. Cappy looks to be an amazing addition as well, with the range of new movement and combat mechanics afforded by his introduction revolutionising the basics of 3D Mario. Add in the return of large sand-box style levels, costumes and Adam’s super positive impressions of the controls and Super Mario Odyssey was a clear winner for our Best of E3 awards. In fact, it looked so good that Adam went out and bought a Switch in preparation for its release on October 27.