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Australian E3 2017 Press Conference Times

It’s that time of the year again when we all decide whether to do an all-nighter, set our alarms, or just wing it and see what conferences we can catch live, but no matter what your plans are Rocket Chainsaw has you covered with a timetable of when the conferences will be live in Australia.

We have two journalists covering the E3 2017 press conferences and all the tidbits from the show floor at Los Angeles this year, and will have live updates as the big announcements are made, so make sure to check back at Rocket Chainsaw for all your latest E3 2017 news.

Here’s the current schedule of E3 press conferences in Australian AEST time (For our Kiwi friends, Kia ora, and add two hours!):

EA – Sunday June 11th, 5 AM AEST

Microsoft – Monday June 12th, 7 AM AEST

Bethesda – Monday June 12th, 2 PM AEST

Ubisoft – Tuesday June 13th, 6 AM AEST

Sony – Tuesday June 13th, 11 AM AEST

Nintendo has chosen not to have a traditional E3 press conference (which is becoming a norm), and will instead host a Nintendo Switch live stream on Wednesday June 14th, 2 AM AEST.

Microsoft has also just announced today that their E3 2017 press conference will run longer than normal. We are expecting their Project Scorpio reveal to take up a large amount of time, as they market their next-gen console on the grandest video gaming stage of them all.

So once again, make sure to check back at Rocket Chainsaw for all the latest from E3 2017, which kicks off in less than two days.

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