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Nintendo Switch Nindies Nintendo Direct Announced

With less than a week to go until the Nintendo Switch releases, we were beginning to run out of hope that a final pre-release Nintendo Direct would arrive, but Nintendo of America have now confirmed on Twitter that there will be one last showcase of games prior to the console’s release.

On March 1st a 4am AEDT, Nintendo will be running a Nintendo Nindies Showcase showing off Indie games that will be coming to the Nintendo Switch. With the apparent focus on building relationships with Independent developers, which can only ever be for the better, it’s great to see Nintendo giving them another spotlight to show what they can bring to the table for the Nintendo Switch.

We can probably expect to see some more trailers and gameplay for some of the independent games that are already announced for the Nintendo Switch, like Snake Pass, Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment, Fast RMX, Celeste and more. The hope is that we’ll also see some announcements of unannounced games and ports of some existing heavy hitters. Maybe the rumours that Undertale is coming to the Nintendo Switch will be confirmed?

No matter what is revealed or shown, there are guaranteed to be a range of awesome and creative looking games there, so make sure to tune in at 4AM AEDT on March 1 to watch live or check out the inevitable archive later in the day.

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