Nintendo NX to launch globally March 2017

April 27, 2016

Hot off Nintendo’s Fiscal Year 2015 earnings conference, the famed software/hardware publisher/developer/do-we-need-more-titles has confirmed the long awaited Ninty-branded ninth generation hardware system, code-named the “Nintendo NX”, will be launching globally in March 2017. The necessity to announce this information now and not later is simple; a March 2017 release would fall within the new fiscal year, keeping investors happy, where an absence of information may make those money-bags worried.

Unfortunately that’s about all we have to go off. While rumours are abound on what the Nintendo NX is exactly, whether or not it’ll bridge the line between portable and home console, what lessons will be learned form the Wii U, and so on, absolutely nothing other than it being a “next generation system” and “brand new concept” is known. The Nintendo NX is as much a mystery to us as it is you, and we’ll hazard a guess and say it might even still be a mystery to some people working at Nintendo.

Additionally, Nintendo has stated that Nintendo NX announcements will not take place at E3 2016. While Nintendo has since abandoned the traditional conference, their show floor presence this year has apparently been dedicated to The Legend of Zelda, with the NX nowhere to be seen. Nintendo did not however that details on the NX, including features and launch software, would be made available later this year. We’re betting on an exclusive reveal event.

We’ll have more on the Nintendo NX when, if ever, it breaks.