Did Capcom Just Reveal The Nintendo Switch Release Date?

October 29, 2016

With Nintendo being quite strict in their release of information about the Nintendo Switch so far, including going so far as refusing to confirm if games shown in the reveal trailer actually exist, it’s unlikely that they will waiver from their promise to not confirm anything before January 12th at their Nintendo Switch 2017 Presentation. However, Capcom may have just inadvertently split some beans.

We already know that the Nintendo Switch is coming in March 2017, so when Capcom announces during a Nintendo Direct specifically for Monster Hunter┬áthat a brand new Monster Hunter game will release for 3DS on March 18th in Japan, heads turned. While Capcom certainly aren’t beholden to Nintendo, it’s hard to see Nintendo allowing them to release a game as big as Monster Hunter right after or before the Switch releases and potentially stealing Nintendo’s thunder. After all Nintendo’s meticulous planning and super strict marketing timeline so far, there’s no way they will let any of their partner companies do something to throw it off.

What do we think this all means? We think that Capcom have just revealed the Nintendo Switch is releasing on March 18th, without actually saying it. You see March 18th 2017 is a Saturday, the same day that Nintendo released both their Wii and Wii U consoles in Japan in the past. Why release Monster Hunter XX for 3DS on the same day the Switch comes out, you ask? Because we’re of the opinion that Capcom will release a Switch version on the same day, effectively and efficiently covering both the launch hype of the Nintendo Switch release and the massive 3DS console base in Japan. This follows with Capcom’s long history of up-porting games to other consoles and also allows them to potentially reuse assets for the Nintendo Switch version, something they have a history of doing with the Monster Hunter franchise.

While this certainly isn’t confirmed and is 100% speculation, we believe the stars are aligning and the Nintendo Switch will release on march 18th 2017, at least in Japan. No matter what, we definitely know that the Nintendo Switch will release in March 2017.