Sennheiser GSP 370 Wireless Headset Review

March 21, 2020

There’s no doubt that a good headset can be an absolute godsend when gaming. A good wireless headset, leaving you untethered from your controller, even more so. While there are so many great wireless gaming headsets out there, with plenty of amazing features, few focus on long battery life. Enter Sennheiser and the GSP 370, a PC and PlayStation 4 compatible wireless headset with a purported 100 hour battery life. It sounds like the stuff of dreams, and while I haven’t quite hit a full 100 hours of usage, I found that it’s much closer to reality than I’d expected.

When I first started my time testing out the GSP 370, I expected to just smash out a few hours of gaming each night, coupled with a bit more time over the weekend. What I didn’t expect was working from home indefinitely and therefore having hours of video conferences every day from home on top of that. So, with that in mind, my testing scenario changed slightly, moving away from a purely gaming perspective, to also encompass hours and hours of video conference time and video and music consumption during my day to day. What I found was that the GSP 370 wasn’t just great for gaming but is an all-round fantastic headset for everyday usage.

The biggest selling point of the GSP 370 is the utterly unbelievable claims of a 100-hour battery life. To put that into perspective, my Sony WH-100XM3 Bluetooth headphones have a battery life of up to 38 hours without noise cancelling turned on and come in at a $100 above the GSP 370’s $349.95 RRP. To give me the best idea of just how well the GSP 370’s battery would really last, I fully charged the headset overnight when it first arrived and didn’t charge it again. It’s now been just over two weeks since it arrived, and I still haven’t needed to charge it again. At my estimation, I’m sitting at around 70 hours of usage with no signs of the battery coming close to needing a charge. To say that I’m impressed with the headset’s battery is an understatement.

To hit that immense battery life, there are a few trade-offs compared to other similarly priced headsets. The biggest of these are the lack of virtual surround sound and noise cancelling. If you’re likely to be playing games that require surround sound to help detect enemy positioning or you’re in a particularly noisy environment, these may not be the ideal headset for you. There’s also a lack of equalisation controls, and the plastic materials used in its construction don’t match the more premium materials we’ve seen in other headsets, making it feel a little cheaper. With that said, however, the plastic construction does result in a very light headset that is extremely comfortable to have on.

While there may not be virtual surround or noise cancelling, the audio quality coming out of the GSP 370s is still pretty good. You certainly don’t get the totally rich audio experience of other similar headsets, with the audio lacking impact and punchiness to its bass, but there’s no issues with muddiness or sounds blurring together. I’d have loved for the audio quality to be a bit better than it is, but it won’t be a deal breaker for most people. It’s microphone, however, is fantastic, verified in multiple online gaming sessions and video conferencing calls.

Overall, the Sennheiser GSP 370 feels like a headset with a very specific goal in mind. There have been sacrifices to audio quality, with now-expected luxury features such as virtual surround sound nowhere to be seen and a generally lower audio quality than other similar headsets, resulting from a singular focus on extending its battery life to insane levels. If you’re looking for a comfortable, lightweight wireless headset that seems to last forever between charges and you’re not too fussed on losing out on some audio quality, than the GSP 370s are for you.


- Battery lasts weeks without a charge
- Comfortable and lightweight


- Audio quality is so-so
- Lacking in features compared to the competition

Overall Score: