Xbox Are Releasing A New Wireless Headset

February 17, 2021

Xbox Wireless Headset

When the Xbox Series X|S were first announced, one of the things we noticed was how few accessories they announced. It makes sense, given the companies work around forwards compatibility of accessories, but it’s always nice to get some new gadgets. Now, Xbox are releasing a brand new wireless headset that will be supported across all their available platforms.

Xbox are touting the Xbox Wireless Headset as a relatively affordable option for gamers, which marries up with its $149.95 when compared to the $300+ you can easily spend on a headset. With that $150 price tag comes a 15 hour battery life, support for Windows Sonic, Dolby Atmos and DTS Headphone: X, and what Xbox are calling best-in-class audio quality and intelligent chat audio quality. One particularly interesting feature of the headset is the auto-mute feature, which will automatically mute your microphone when you’re not talking if enabled. The headset also features a very sleek and minimalistic design, which matches the general design concepts we’ve seen with recent consoles from Xbox. Comfort is described as having been a focal point of design, so this should hopefully be a nice headset to have on for long gaming sessions.

The Xbox Wireless Headset releases on March 16th, supports Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Windows 10, and should be available for preorder now/soon, and you can check out the announcement trailer for the headset below.