ASTRO Reveals New A20 Wireless Headset

September 6, 2017

After the release of the excellent ASTRO A10, ASTRO have revealed its brand new sister headset, the ASTRO A20.

With similar stylings and sensibilities to the A10, the ASTRO A20 sets out to be a cheaper wireless headset compared to the rest of the ASTRO range, allowing a wider range of players access to ASTRO products. One difference, however, is that the A20 won’t support all platforms out of the box like the A10 does. There are two models, one compatible with Xbox One consoles and the other with PlayStation 4 consoles, with both also supporting Windows 10 PCs. The ASTRO A20 supports 5.8Ghz wireless, ASTRO Command Centre (allowing for fine tuning of input and output parameters), a flip-to-mute mic and ASTRO Audio.

The ASTRO A20 Wireless Headset launches in October, in both regular and Call of Duty variants. The regular headset will set you back $249.95, while the Call of Duty versions will cost $269.95.