EPOS Announces ‘The Power of Audio in Gaming’ Event

January 19, 2021

The world of gaming in audio is one that has had the same players for quite some time. We all know the Turtle Beach’s and Lucidsound’s of the world, but there aren’t always many new players. Last year, EPOS really solidified their position in the world of gaming audio, with the releases of some fantastic headsets (such as the GSP 370, GSP 602 and GSP 670) and gaming amps. Now, they’ve announced they’ll be revealing the future for the lineup.

The Power of Audio in Gaming will be EPOS’s first ever virtual gaming event, going beyond the smaller individual announcements they’ve gone with in the past. The event will include new product announcements, giving us a view of EPOS’s upcoming slate of releases, as well as panel discussions exploring audio in gaming.

The Power of Audio in Gaming will take place over two sessions: the first at 8:00PM AEDT on January 27th and the second at 5:00AM AEDT on January 28th. If you’re interested in watching the sessions live, you can sign up over at EPOS’s website here.