Nintendo Drops Free Switch Game Jump Rope Challenge

June 16, 2020

It feels like it’s been a bit quiet for Nintendo recently without their usual June Direct. While E3 may have been cancelled, there was still some hope that we’d get a big blowout of games this month. Obviously, that hasn’t happened. Instead, we’ve seen the announcement of, and release of subsequent trailersPaper Mario: The Origami King via Twitter and not much else. That changed today, however, with the announcement and release  of a new free Switch game from Nintendo titled Jump Rope Challenge.

The aim of Jump Rope Challenge is simple, grab your joy-con, hold them like a skipping rope, and get jumping. There’s no tutorials to skip and the visuals are cute and simply. This isn’t meant to keep you engaged for hours on it, you’re simply meant to jump some rope and get moving. Worried about hitting things inside, making too much noise or can you not physically jump? Don’t worry, instead you can bend your knees or move your arms to participate instead. The aim of the game here is to get you moving and exercising a little bit each day.

Jump Rope Challenge is a time limited release, only available from today through to the end of September via the Switch eShop. So get your free Switch game while you can and get moving while you can. More details can be found at the game’s official site.