Take a closer look at Paper Mario: The Origami King

June 14, 2020

Nintendo has released a new trailer revealing more in-depth information about the upcoming Paper Mario: The Origami King. You can check out the trailer at the bottom of this article.

In the game, Princess Peach’s castle comes under siege by King Olly and is enveloped by origami. Mario sets out to untie the massive streamers binding the castle, which will lead him through several environments including sewers, raging rapids, an ancient ruin, a ninja-filled mansion and a desert oasis.

During his quest Mario will be joined by King Olly’s sister, Olivia, and will gain assistance from a number of both new and old characters. These include Bobby, a Bob-omb who has lost his memory, Professor Toad who is a leading expert in ancient history, Kamek, Bowser Jr. and Bowser.

The game features a ring-based battle system that requires strategy and quick thinking. At the start of a battle, enemies will be scattered around a ring and players are given a short amount of time and set number of moves to line them up together. Like previous games in the series, Mario will once again be able to stomp on enemies with his boots or give them a whack with his trusty hammer. Bundle the enemies together to maximise your damage output!

Hidden throughout the environments are also Toads. Once rescued, they will join an audience around the battle ring and provide assistance to Mario by giving him items that will heal him or damage enemies.

Last but not least, is the Legion of Stationery; stationary-themed bosses located at the end of each streamer. The bosses shown in the trailer were Coloured Pencils, Rubber Band and Tape. During boss battles the ring system works a little differently; players will have to set Mario a path to follow to get to the boss’s weak point.

Paper Mario: The Origami KingĀ is set to be released exclusively on Nintendo Switch on 17th July this year.