Kingdom Hearts 3D, Theathrythm Final Fantasy Demos Available

June 25, 2012

Square-Enix have dealt a double-whammy to the PAL Nintendo 3DS e-Shop, releasing demos for two of their upcoming games, Kingdom Hearts 3D and Theatrhythm Final Fantasy. Both are now available to download, and will give you a small taste of both RPG and rhythm-based gameplay. The Kingdom Hearts demo allows players to run around Traverse Town, trying out the two new gameplay systems that the game introduces to the series. Flowmotion allows characters to execute acrobatic moves while exploring, as well as during combat. On the other hand, the Reality Shift system makes time freeze, which allows players to swipe the stylus across the touch screen and send objects and enemies flying.

Meanwhile, the Theatrhythm Final Fantasy demo features two different tracks, one from Final Fantasy VIII (The Man With The Machine Gun) and one from Final Fantasy XIII (Sunleth Waterscape). Both of the songs can be played on your choice of the three difficulty settings. Theatrhythm Final Fantasy will be released in Australia on the 5th of July, while Kingdom Hearts 3D will be available on the 26th of July.