Halo Infinite Multiplayer Confirmed To Be Free To Play

August 1, 2020

Originally announced in 2018, it took us a couple of years before we really got a good look at Halo Infinite. While we saw a couple of short cinematic ‘in-engine’ trailers in between, it wasn’t until last week’s Xbox Games Showcase that we finally got to see what the game is and what it looks like. While there has been some consternation on the internet about the game’s visuals, which look to move closer to the original Halo trilogy in style, we did only get a look at the game’s campaign. Now, while we still haven’t seen any multiplayer footage, the official Halo Twitter account has confirmed that Halo Infinite will have free to play multiplayer.

Beyond the fact that Halo Infinite will have free to play multiplayer, we don’t have many other details surrounding the modes or options to expect from the game at launch of beyond. Once thing we do know though is that it will support 120fps on Xbox Series X, the highest framerate a Halo game has supported. Couple this with rumours that Xbox Live Gold is soon to be killed off, in favour of online multiplayer being completely free on Xbox consoles moving forwards, and Xbox seems to be on the verge on some big shifts in the gaming space.

Halo Infinite releases on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X in Holiday 2020.