Halo Infinite Delayed To 2021

August 12, 2020

There are very few constants as far as the Xbox Series X goes so far. We have limited details, such as games with no release dates, system specs and we’ve even seen the existence of an unannounced potentially leak, but there’s a whole lot of vaguery within even those details. We know that games are coming, but we don’t know when, and there has only been one real constant throughout all of this: Halo Infinite. Previously confirmed to be launching alongside the Xbox Series X, Halo Infinite has now been delayed following a lacklustre showing at the Xbox Games Showcase that quickly turned the game into a meme.

Officially announced via the official Halo Twitter account, Halo Infinite is being delayed due to multiple reasons, including the ongoing effects of COVID on development. This means that the team at 343 Industries will be given more time to improve Halo Infinite, with 343 acknowledging that releasing the game this holiday season would negatively impact the well-being of their team, as well as the overall success of the game. As far as reasons for game delays go, maintaining the well-being of developers and trying to limit crunch should always be a high priority.

What does this for the Xbox Series X? Currently, a hell of a lot. While there is still time prior to launch, at present Halo Infinite was the only new first party developed game confirmed to be coming during the launch window for the console. Halo Infinite being delayed means that we once again don’t know of any first party games specifically coming in the launch window of the console. This should hopefully be rectified soon, but as of right now, this is definitely a big blow for the console.