New Halo Infinite Details Revealed in Mixer Cast

December 22, 2018

In a surprising 343 Happy Halodays social stream, 343 Industries developers have revealed several new Halo Infinite details. The game, which was announced at E3 2018, has not been shown since and fans have been banging down the doors at 343 Industries to learn more about the next big instalment in one of the biggest FPS franchises.

The best new piece of information revealed is the new ‘Flighting Program’ which will be an early access program allowing fans to play Halo Infinite and give their input as to any changes that may need to be made ahead of the game’s launch. There’s no release date yet, but check out the other new Halo Infinite details we learnt in the Mixer Happy Halodays stream after the drop!

Halo Infinite Details

New Halo Infinite Details:

  • Halo Infinite has been built from the ground up to release on both Xbox One and Windows PC.
  • The Windows PC version will include unique anti-cheat software
  • Signing up for the ‘Flighting Program’ will commence soon
  • Halo Infinite will feature a return to split-screen four-player gaming
  • There will be customisable armor and other cosmetic items
  • Reaching level 152 in Halo 5 will unlock a unique reward in Halo Infinite.

Halo Infinite will launch on Xbox One and Windows PC, however it has no release date yet. Stay tuned to Rocket Chainsaw as we bring you all the latest information as it comes. For more information on the franchise, head to the official Halo Waypoint website.