Guy Ritchie’s Snatch comes to World of Tanks in surprise crossover

January 16, 2024

Of all the properties to crossover with, it’s doubtful many would have had the 2000 crime comedy Snatch on their list as something World of Tanks would ever be collaborating with, yet here we are.

Both World of Tanks and its console counterpart World of Tanks Blitz are receiving special Battle Passes that crossover with Guy Ritchie’s magnum opus. On PC, the Battle Pass is called ‘Snatch the Diamond’, with 14 days of challenges to collect Snatch-related content, including five commanders (Franky Four Fingers, Bullet Tooth Tony, Tommy, Turkish and Boris the Blade). The ultimate target is a Nomad tank, with an exterior inspired by the film, although there are other things to collect including 2D styles, decals, inscriptions and a medal. Until February 15th, Prime Gaming members will also be able claim a special package featuring ‘The Dog’ as a crew skin, and more.

In World of Tanks Blitz, the Battle Pass is called ‘Operation Snatch’ and runs until January 31st. The rewards here include five movie inspired avatars and four tank camo’s based on Snatch‘s gang, a custom Caravan skin for the Charioteer tank and a special item ‘Brand-New Caravan’ inspired by the film.

You can check out the videos, with some pretty slick editing, promoting the Battle Pass below: