Update 1.9.1 hits World of Tanks, along with Battle Pass Season 2

June 10, 2020

World of Tanks has been with us for almost a decade, celebrating its 10th anniversary in the coming months, and in the lead-up is receiving a new update, as well as the launch for Season 2 of Battle Pass.

On June 11, Update 1.9.1 will launch onĀ World of Tanks, adding a realistic Berlin map to the Random Battles pool, with four main battle areas and recognisable historical buildings. It also features several new visual customisation options, including progressive decals that change as playeres complete special objectives with specific tanks, and decals available for everyone, which was previously limited to certain nations.

The update also coincides with the start of Season 2 of Battle Pass, featuring the US M48A5 Patton and the Czechoslovak TVP T 50/51 as the star tanks that will earn players more points. Completing Stage 45 will earn players the season’s main prizes – an exclusive 3D style for one of the Tier X vehicles, chosen by the player. Rewards also include credits, days of premium account, blueprint fragments and two types of new bounty equipment.

You can check out some fine dubbing work on the Battle Pass Season 2 trailer below: