Gamescom 2019: Nintendo reveal township from Pokemon Sword/Shield

August 21, 2019

Nintendo has released a new video message from Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield Director Shigeru Ohmori. The video has been released for Gamescom 2019. While Game Freak could not attend show, they have decided to treat fans to a look at an, as yet, unnamed township in Pokemon Sword/Shield.

The township is located in a hilly countryside area and features a Pokemon Centre, a fresh produce store and a clothing boutique. We also get a look at the outside of Professor Magnolia’s Research Lab and the local train station. It was previously revealed that Corviknight, the Raven Pokemon, would operate a Flying Taxi service for players, but apparently trains are another form of transportation around the Galar region.

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield will be released on 15th November exclusively on Nintendo Switch. We have embedded the video message below.