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New Pokemon Sword/Shield features revealed

During their Nintendo Direct presentation this morning Nintendo revealed some new information about the upcoming Pokemon Sword/Shield.

The Pokemon Cramorant and Polteageist were revealed. Cramorant is a Flying/Water type Pokemon. When using the moves Surf or Dive, the Pokemon will catch a fish and keep it in its mouth ready to be eaten. If Cramorant is attacked while eating, it will spit the fish out at the offending Pokemon causing a small amount of damage. Polteageist is a Ghost type Pokemon and is a cute little spirit in a teapot.

A new Camping mechanic was shown. At certain locations in the game you will be able to set up a camp site and be able to interact with your Pokemon. This includes patting and wiggling toys in front of them. You can also visit the camp sites of other players in Wild areas and interact with their Pokemon too.

For cooking enthusiasts, you will be able to cook curries in the game with up to four players. You can combine ingredients, fan the cooking flames, stir the pot and put your “heart” into the dish. All recipes you discover will be added to your Curry Dex.

Avatar customisation options were also shown. You can change your avatar’s clothing, hairstyle and even add a little makeup to make those eyes pop. It’s looking like Pokemon Sword/Shield will have the most robust customisation options ever seen in the series.

Separately, on the official Pokemon YouTube channel League cards were revealed. These are profile cards with the trainer’s photo on them. You can create and customise your own card to, presumably, exchange with other players you meet.

Pokemon Sword/Shield is scheduled to be released on 15th November this year.


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