Pokemon Sword and Shield trailer reveals Weezing with a top hat and Team Yell

August 8, 2019

The Pokemon Company has released a brand new trailer for the upcoming Pokemon Sword and Shield, showcasing a number of new Pokemon, new rivals, the games’ main baddies and… Weezing wearing a top hat?

Similar to Pokemon Sun and Moon‘s Alola form Pokemon, Pokemon Sword and Shield will have Galarian form Pokemon which are unique to the games’ region. The trailer revealed the Galarian forms for Zigzagoon, Linoone (Zigzagoon’s evolved formed) and a brand new evolution for the Zigzagoon family – Obstagoon. No doubt though fans will be most interested in Galarian Weezing, who sports a stylish smoke-moustache and a top hat! Last but not least, a new Pokemon named Morpeko was shown. This Pokemon can change from Full-Belly mode to Angry mode when using the move Aura Wheel.

Also revealed were two new rivals for the player – Bede and Marnie. Marnie has her own cheer squad, the sinister Team Yell who act as the games’ new bad guys.

Pokemon Sword and Shield will be released on Nintendo Switch on November 15 this year. We have included the new trailer and some screenshots of the new Pokemon and characters below.