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Pokemon Sword/Shield Complete Edition and Crown Tundra Release Date’s Announced

When I reviewed both Pokémon Shield and it’s first expansion Isle of Armor over the last year, I found enjoyable experiences that didn’t quite hit the mark. Yeah hey were both fun and largely enjoyable, but didn’t quite have the content or technical polish to make them great experiences. More content and patches can go a long way to fixing those issues, and overnight The Pokémon Company announced when we can expect the game’s second DLC The Crown Tundra to release, as well as announcing a brand new complete edition for Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield.

The Crown Tundra has a release date of October 22, so just over 3 weeks from today. As previously revealed, this second expansion will reintroduce a number of legendary Pokémon to the fold and another massive open Wild Area-esque land mass to explore. It will also introduce the Galatian Star Tournament, which looks to be a new 2v2 in-game event to take part in.

Alongisde the confirmation of The Crown Tundra release date, The Pokémon Company also announced something else: a complete edition for Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield. Releasing on November 6, this complete edition contains a copy of your game of choice, as well as the full expansion content. Think of it as the first ever Pokémon GOTY edition.

We’ve still got some time to go before this new content releases, so check out last night’s show below, which also includes some new details on Pokémon HOME and a new music video to enjoy

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