Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade Announced for PS5

February 26, 2021

Today’s PlayStation State of Play may not have had too many big announcements, but that doesn’t mean there was nothing to get excited about. I absolutely loved my time with Final Fantasy VII Remake last year, and now there’s more to look forward to, with the game receiving a PS5 version and new DLC episode title Intergrade.

A free upgrade for all owners of the PS4 version, Final Fantasy VII Remake on PS5 brings a slate of improvements to the game. There’s graphical improvements, with the game featuring both graphics and performance modes, with the former prioritising a 4K resolution and the latter a 60fps framerate. There’s also some quality of life improvements, such as the addition of a photo mode and significantly faster loading times. Your save game will also carry over, so there’s no need to start again unless you want to.

The bigger part of the Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade announcement comes in the form of its new DLC episode. Focusing on Yuffie as she reaches Midgard, the new episode is a paid DLC expansion that seems to be exclusive to the PS5 version at the time of writing. The announcement trailer showed Yuffie being a much faster character to use in combat, while also showcasing new character Sonon.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade releases on PS5 on June 10th. For more information, check the official website.