Final Fantasy VII Remake and World of Final Fantasy E3 2015 – Sony Recap

June 16, 2015

Square Enix and Sony have made the days and years of many Final Fantasy fans worldwide. Ever since that infamous tech demo of Final Fantasy VII was shown on PlayStation 3 all those years ago, fans have clamoured for that remake to become a reality.

Well today during their E3 conference, Sony showed the first footage of Final Fantasy VII: Remake. It is a real game and it is really happening. There was no timeframe given for the game and it was listed as ‘play it first on PlayStation 4’, so it can be assumed the game is a timed exclusive for Sony.

As well as announcing the remake of Final Fantasy VII, Square Enix also showed a new Final Fantasy game, World of Final Fantasy. INot much could be discerned from the trailer shown, except for the chibi-style graphics and seemingly turn based combat. World of Final Fantasy is coming first to PlayStation 4 and Vita in 2016.