Final Fantasy VII Remake Info Recap

December 8, 2015

Beginning with the debut gameplay trailer shown at Sony’s press conference at the PlayStation Experience, Square-Enix has spent the last 2 days tantalising fans of Final Fantasy VII with information relating to the remake currently in development.

Firstly, in a Famitsu interview translated by Siliconera, Square-Enix has advised that Final Fantasy VII Remake will not be a single title, instead it will be split into pieces, each the size of a full game. Citing the new levels of density and exploration that will be brought to the game, with areas being fleshed out further compared to the original, Tetsuya Nomura has confirmed that content would have to be cut if it was to be a single game. It was later confirmed, however, that there will still be some content cut from the original story, but there will also be new content added to help keep the remake fresh for returning players. In all of this, it was also confirmed that the all-important cross-dressing scene from Final Fantasy VII will definitely be returning in the remake.

Further to this, it was also confirmed that CyberConnect 2, developers of the Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja games, and other developers will be assisting with the development. With the games apparent focus on action, although it was confirmed in the same interview that there will still be an ATB gauge, CyberConnect 2 is well suited to assist. Further death-knells were sounded for Square-Enix’s Crystal Tools engine with Epic confirming, via Venturebeat, that Final Fantasy VII Remake would be built using Unreal Engine 4.

All of this information is pointing to Final Fantasy VII Remake being a very different title compared to the original game, with new twists and turns to keep the game fresh. It will still be sometime before we know exactly how the game will turn out, but for now, sit back, relax, and watch the debut gameplay trailer below.