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Far Cry 6 Box Art Leaks, Confirms Xbox Series X Compatibility

Really, at this point, what is there that’s actually left to be announced about Far Cry 6 tomorrow? We’ve had the game’s existence leaked on the PSN Store, we’ve had another CG trailer leak out, and now we’ve had the game’s box art leak as well.

UPDATE: Since posting this article we’ve also seen the official reveal of the game at Ubisoft Forward. Click here for all the details on all the games shown.

There isn’t anything particularly special about the game’s box art as such, with it showing the game’s  main antagonist Anton holding the shoulders of his son Diego, but the packaging shot below does confirm the existence of both a standard and steelbook edition. The image below was found courtesy of Resetera.

Far Cry 6 box art

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What is really interesting though, is that the Xbox One box art clearly shows a badge confirming that the game is optimised for Xbox Series X. What this means is that there is certainly an Xbox Series X version of the game coming. Theoretically, we assume this to mean there is a completely free upgrade via Smart Delivery, as Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has been confirmed to support.

With only a handful of hours to go until we will presumably see the full announcement of Far Cry 6, we hope to see a bit more than just the game’s box art soon. Stay tuned to Rocket Chainsaw for all the details out of Ubisoft Forward tomorrow morning.

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