E3 2012: Nintendo confirms 3DS confenrence

June 5, 2012

During the Nintendo Direct briefing yesterday, Nintendo stated that their main E3 2012 press conference would be dedicated to the Wii U. Meanwhile 3DS news would have to wait for “other opportunities”.

Apparently “other opportunities” is just another way of saying “in a couple of days”. According to NintendoWorldReport, Nintendo will be hosting a second¬†E3 2012 conference. Scheduled for the 6pm Pacific Time in Los Angeles, with a run time of one hour, this 3DS dedicated conference will be headed by Nintendo of American vice president¬†Scott Moffitt.

Nintendo fans can expect plenty of time dedicated to games and, if rumours are correct, the reveal of a Nintendo 3DS XL. Rocket Chainsaw will be sure to cover all news from the event.