Nintendo details E3 2012 plans

May 22, 2012

As with last year, and (if my memory hasn’t failed me) the year before that, Nintendo has big plans for their E3 showing. And as usual, they want everybody along for the ride.

Early this morning, the company sent out a press release explaining just how they’ll be bringing their E3 2012 showing to the poor folk (like me) who cant attend Los Angeles in early June, and it looks to be covering all the important bases.

First on the list is the most important one: Nintendo E3 2012 web hub. As with last year, this website will offer an official live stream of Nintendo’s annual conference, covering all the latest announcements for both the 3DS and the Wii U. Over the last two years, Nintendo has followed up their live stream with pre-recorded content, including interviews with developers and deeper insight into announced games and hardware. This year will be no different. Outside of the live stream, Nintendo will steam a ‘software showcase’, no doubt showing off newly announced Wii U content, and a program dedicated to the Wii U hardware, featuring the system’s producer¬†Katsuya Eguchi.

Next up, Nintendo will be offering content across the usual social media outlets. The Nintendo YouTube Channel¬†will supply content similar to the above, as well as interviews with developers, meanwhile the Nintendo Facebook page will too give access to streamed content and other E3 2012 goodies. Lastly, Nintendo America’s twitter feed (@NintendoAmerica) will provide a running commentary of the event, as it has done so for the last few Nintendo events.

In addition to the above, though of no real value to Australians and New Zealanders, Nintendo has partnered with Viacom in the United States in order to make their E3 2012 presence a televised event. A first for the company, Nintendo’s E3 2012 conference will be live screened with no commercials on Spike TV and MTV2 networks.

Whether or not Nintendo’s E3 2012 will amount to much is impossible to say, but there’s no denying they’ve never gone all out like this before.

Stay tuned to Rocket Chainsaw for a handy guide on E3 2012 conference times for all the big companies, so you’ll know just want horrifically early hours of morning you’ll need to be awake just to see those new games.